8 Common Reasons Why Your Teeth Turns Yellow | Belleboon

8 Common Reasons Why Your Teeth Turns Yellow | Belleboon

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Common questions everyone has is ” why are my teeth turning yellow “, ” What kind of eating habits make our teeth yellow?”

Let’s see now. The enamel on our teeth is the first layer. This enamel is white or slightly grayish blue in color. Below this layer is an ingredient called dentin. If this enamel dissolves in the food we eat our teeth will inevitably turn yellow.

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Mouthwash: –

This mouthwash is one of the reasons why teeth turn yellow. Usually when the mouth is dry, the tooth may turn yellow because the mineral salts, enzymes, and oxygen sources in our saliva help to balance the acidity of our mouth. This is because mouthwash has a high acidity. Saliva, which is naturally secreted by our body, has the ability to remove bacteria and firmly protects our enamel. Some people use this mouthwash for mouth rejuvenation. But it also gives yellow teeth along with mouth refreshment. Therefore, yellow teeth may not come if you avoid mouthwash. Fruits and Vegetables: -

Fruits and Vegetables: –

Generally, eating fruits is very good for the body. But if you eat fruits that are high in acidity, our teeth will turn yellow. Tomatoes, lemons, oranges, pineapples, and soft drinks are high in citric acid, which does not regulate the pH of the mouth. Therefore, the tooth turns yellow.

Tea, Coffee: -

Does coffee make your teeth yellow?

Yes, Many of us have a great habit of drinking tea and coffee. Drinking tea and coffee for nourishment of the body, there are innumerable acids. They cause yellowing of the teeth. Some people drink tea and coffee slowly. The acidity of the tea stays in the teeth so drink as much tea and coffee as possible. Smoking: -

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Does smoking make your teeth yellow?

Yes, Toxic substances such as nicotine in cigarettes can cause whitening of the teeth and cause many physical ailments. Smoking can lead to gum disease, tooth decay and dry mouth problems, as well as tooth decay. Therefore, quitting smoking is the way to get a rid of yellow teeth. Alcohol consumption: -

Alcohol consumption: –

Like “alcohol is bad for the country and the home”, alcohol is bad for the teeth, so the teeth will soon decay and turn yellow. So, if you give up this habit as much as possible, you can get whiter teeth. Sweets and chocolates: -

Sweets and chocolates: –

These sweets and chocolates are the main cause of yellow teeth. And the acids in them can cause the enamel to decompose and turn yellow in the teeth as children eat them willingly. Avoid eating sweets and chocolates at night. Flatulence after eating: -

Flatulence after eating: –

Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about food. So, those small food items stay in the teeth and cause germs. In addition, tooth decay, bad breath and yellow teeth will come. Therefore, it is very good to gargle after eating. Urgent Brushing: -

Urgent Brushing: –

In an emergency lifestyle we do not even brush our teeth properly. So our teeth fall out in a hurry. this is the reason why your teeth turn yellow even though you brush them everyday. This is also a reason for the tooth enamel to deteriorate quickly.

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